What Are The Best Wearable Fitness Tech Gadgets?

The fitness industry is constantly changing and what’s hot today may be not tomorrow. It doesn’t matter whether it is diet supplements, workout DVDs or wearable tech. Things change fast here.

Currently, the best wearable fitness tech gadgets have been listed below. ‘Best’ is merely based on opinion… but these are the most popular ones sold. So, that will be used as a barometer to judge since if many people are buying these products, they are probably good.

You should bear in mind that just because a product is popular and looks good does not necessarily mean that it’s good for you. Wearable tech is a very personal choice just like your clothes. Not only do you need to feel comfortable in them, but they also have to do their job and track your activities.

These are some of the most popular products on the market right now.

  1. Fitbit Charge 2

This is probably the brand that started it all and till today is the first name that comes to mind when you think of fitness trackers. They measure the number of steps you take, your VO2 max, your resting heart rate, etc.

This is a dependable gadget. It looks sleek, unobtrusive and the app that it uses is fantastic. The Fitbit Charge 2 is simple to use and is without a doubt one of the best fitness trackers on the market right now.

  1. Under Armour HealthBox

This is a pricey set that comes close to $400 and yet it is highly popular because people love the brand. It exudes coolness and it’s the hottest brand in the fitness industry these days.

In this set, you’ll get a wearable tracker, a UA band and a scale that can recognize up to eight users. This is some smart technology here which will track your steps, the length of your workout and the intensity at which you train.

The devices sync to the app using Bluetooth which makes it a breeze to get all your data in one place. If you can afford the Under Armour HealthBox, go for it.

  1. Jawbone UP3

With sleep issues as one of the major problems across the world today, the Jawbone UP 3 is one of the best gadgets to track your sleep. The advanced technology employed by this device allows it to know when you sleep.

It’s able to track your body’s temperature, beats per minute, respiration rate and even your deep sleep and REM stats. This is a very useful device if you have insomnia or other sleep disorders. You can track exactly how much sleep you’re getting and it may explain why you constantly feel exhausted, etc.

  1. Jaybird X2

Most people forget that headphones are actually wearable tech too if you use them during training. In the past, if you used them with your MP3 player or your phone, you’d have a dangling wire that branched off into 2 separate wires for each ear.

You’d have to deal with dangling cables and also the device playing the music. Times have changed and now sports headphones have built in memory to store the music you love.

The Jaybird X2 is one of the best models on the market. It is sleek, sweat proof and there are no dangling wires to get in your way. The audio quality is out of this world and the ear buds fit so snugly that they won’t fall out even during intense activity.

Use this audio gear during your workout and the pumping music will keep you going and motivated to do your best during your workout.

These are 4 of the best wearable fitness gadgets out there. There are many more. Do your research and see which one suits your needs, preferences and budget… and always use what you buy to get active and stay fit. Use it or lose it.

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